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First episode of a five-part Fruit Ninja series.

Bored of the repetitive Fruit Ninja slice-and-dice experience. Rumours say a ‘huge’ freshening up is in store. Developer Halfbrick said it has completely overhauled the mobile gaming experience on one of the most popular gaming apps. The update is likely to arrive at Google Play Store, App Store and Amazon App Store by next month.

What’s new? For starters, newer characters, and blades and dojos. Earlier progressive scores unlocked different blades that pretty much did the same thing as any other blade. With this update, each of these blades and dojos will now have specific effects and functions — the power to slice apart 10 fruits at a go or unleash a blender-like mayhem. Wait up for mercurial scores and more sensorial fireworks!

The Halfbrick blog also announced a five-episode “adventure” that will feature new storylines and characters and will be broadcast via the official Fruit Ninja YouTube channel. For now, you can watch the first episode “Ninjas in Training” that introduces young hero Katsuro (watch the video above).

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