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Trupti Roy currently uses Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser, a product she is mostly happy with since she says it leaves her skin looking lighter by removing impurities after every wash.

However, Trupti, a PR professional, has tried out enough brands to know that loyalty is scarce in the world of beauty products and a good product, coupled with a great deal, can make anyone a convert.

With the recent flood of face wash advertisements on TV touting the fairness angle, we decided to give Trupti three new face washes that are easy on the pocket and promise to lighten your skin. It’s interesting that none of these products actually make a concrete claim about the duration in which one is likely to see results. Trupti agreed with us that the best way to measure their effectiveness was to try out each product for one week each.

Trupti Roy will try out fairness face washes from Ponds, Olay and Fair & Lovely

The three products that Trupti will be using are Olay Natural White, Ponds Pure White Deep Cleaning Facial Foam and Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert (which she will be using with the fairness cream). We couldn’t find an individual pack of the Fair & Lovely face wash and so bought the one that comes with a face cream in the same package. The other two are selling on the shelves as individual products so we are assuming that these face washes are meant to work on their own.

Now Trupti isn’t a big fan of fairness products in general, as she points out in the video. The few that she has tried left her skin feeling dry and rough. So she’s being a real sport trying out three fairness face washes for us and is even open to the idea of switching to one of them permanently if they give her good results!

Reviewer: Trupti Roy

Age: 26

Skin type: Sensitive skin

Currently using: Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser

Daily product usage: Twice a day

In Week 1, Trupti will be trying out the Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert facewash and face cream. Watch this space to find out what she thinks!

Update (Oct 9): Watch Trupti’s review of Fair & Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Daily Fairness Expert facewash and face cream here.

Update (Oct 17): Watch Trupti’s review of Ponds Pure White Deep Cleaning Facial Foam here.

Update (October 27): Watch Trupti’s review of Olay Natural White here.

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