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After my review of L’Oreal’s Tecni Art Spiral Splendour hair mix and how it helped me regain my natural curls, I received a lot of enthusiastic responses from similarly afflicted frizzy-haired women who couldn’t remember their last good hair day. They bought the product and followed the video in which I show how to apply it to the hair. It worked for all of them!

I’ve been so happy with L’Oreal Tecni Art that I was curious to know if there were similar hair products in the market. We asked Tabassum at Beauty Palace to name some bestsellers at their Mumbai stores that tame frizzy hair and bring out natural curls. We even asked her to demo these products. She went for the commonly recommended scrunch-and-leave method. I personally still prefer my twist method but you can try both and see which one you prefer.

Like last time, I want to make it clear – none of these products will make your hair healthier in the long run and will not help resolve your frizz. These are just temporary, cosmetic solutions that you can enjoy for a short period of time.

Four hair products to fix frizzy curls!

Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream – Among all the products Tabassum used in her demo (yes, that’s my hair at its frizzy worst in the video), this was the one I liked best. Just a tiny amount of the cream and they create the softest, natural-looking curls. Extremely light in feel and with a pleasant fragrance, I may give this a try very soon.

L’Oreal’s Tecni Art Spiral Splendour (Force 2) – Not surprisingly, another bestseller. You can read about it in my review.

Fudge Liquid Skrewd (Medium Hold) – For those who don’t like getting their hands messy – just spray and scrunch. May be a good idea for the sweaty summer months ahead. My hair responded the least to this product. Just plain okay, I thought. Or maybe I just like fondling my curls too much.

FX Special Effects Curl Booster Fixative Gel – This gel-based product is for very well-defined curls. I didn’t like the hard, unnatural feel I was left with but it also gave the most visibly striking results. I’d recommend it for a formal do but not for everyday use.