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Image: Fujifilm

If you still have analog photo hangover and want a hard copy of photos taken with your smartphone cameras, Fujifilm’s wireless instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 could be the thing to own.

The instax SHARE Smartphone Printer SP-1 creates instant printouts of photos on your phone wirelessly using a proprietary app designed for Android and iOS phones. The app offers black, white and sepia image filters, photo enlargement and reduction, and a choice of printing templates. One of the templates, ‘Real Time’, prints date, time, place and weather details on the photo for documentation. The portable printer also comes with a reprint button to make multiple copies.

“Fujifilm says the battery will last up to 100 prints, each one taking about 16 seconds to print and develop,” reports

The printer supports JPEG format images only and prints on the Fujifilm instant Color Film “instax mini” of size 86mm x 54mm. It’s powered by two CR2/DL CR2 lithium batteries with an AC power adapter sold separately.

Price and Availability:
The instax Share will be available by April this year for $199 (Rs 12,369) and instax Mini film (pack of 20) costs $20.95 (Rs. 1,302)