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If there’s one thing proud iPhone users hate, it’s seeing their iPhone bodies deteriorate over time – every little scratch is like a scratch on their very hearts! So, dejectedly and somewhat shamefully, they eventually succumb to encasing their iPhones in unattractive and cheap plastic cases.

It was this predicament that led New York-based iPhone user Daniel Piterak to brainstorm ways to fix this problem. As he says on his website:

“An idea came almost at once: There are two things I am never without – my iPhone and my wallet. So why not buy a wallet case that could easily accommodate both my cash, credit cards and my phone?”

After not finding anything to his taste online, Daniel decided to design and manufacture his own Italian leather wallets and pocket book wallets with a handy slot to slip your iPhone 5 right in. Please note, these wallets have slots that are suitable only for the iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

It’s a novel idea and at first glance these wallets sure do look and feel nice. But would you spend $129 (approx. Rs. 8000) for a leather wallet just because it has a slot for your iPhone 5?

To answer this question, we took the wallets we received (thanks, Danny!) to a digital ad agency in Mumbai and asked a few iPhone 5 users what they thought.

Watch the video to see Servesh Bothra, Lucille Pereira, Althea Silvester and Sandeep Gaykhe try out the Pocket Book Leather Wallet with iPhone 5 Case in Black and Leather Wallet with iPhone 5 Case in Cognac.


Everyone agreed the wallets looked and felt beautiful. Strangely, while Sandeep thought the iPhone 5 was difficult to pull out once it was lodged in, Althea thought the iPhone 5 slot was not snug enough. The price was a definite deterrent for our Indian iPhone 5 users although nobody would hate it if they got these wallets as a gift!

Product: Leather Wallet with iPhone 5 Case in Cognac

Price: $129 (Rs. 8000)

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